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Environmental Working Group Tap Water Video

Our Tap Water Database has information from nearly 50,000 local utilities in every state – information about everything their tests found in your community’s drinking water. We don’t just tell you what they found. We tell you what it means: How the chemicals in your tap water can harm your health, how your water compares to other places and how it stacks up against government safety standards. But we went a step further. EWG scientists developed our own no-compromise safety standards based on the most up-to-date independent studies. EWG standards aren’t based on levels of contaminants that are acceptable to politicians and polluters, or how much it would cost water utilities to clean those contaminants out. Instead, EWG standards are simply what the best science says will fully protect everyone’s health. It’s shameful that all Americans can’t be certain that their tap water is safe. Find out what’s in your tap water at

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